Made in the USA!

We are proud to be based right here in the US. Our factory is just outside Syracuse New York.

Decades of experience with design, engineering, injection molding, material selection, mold making, and machining.

CT Precision was initially founded in 1945 and has found success over multiple iterations of the company across various markets. This constant evolution has taught us how to adapt to our customer’s changing needs and requirements which allows us to maintain long term relationships with our customers and partners. 


Our diverse experience in injection molding, toolmaking, design and engineering, as well as all facets of machining and manufacturing allow us to be able to better cater to our customer’s needs. Large or small runs, quick turnaround or simply unusual projects where our engineering and design teams can get involved and contribute to the success of the project from the onset.

We are based outside of Syracuse New York and take pride in our American roots. We strongly believe in keeping manufacturing jobs in the US, and we are able to remain competitive while keeping our production completely in America. We feel that the economy as a whole is the healthiest when there are stable jobs for all, at any skill and experience level.

Services We Provide

Design & Engineering

Whether you have engineering data ready to go, or need some help getting from idea to production ready product, we can help. Our on staff engineers can help ensure that you get the final product you envisioned.

Mold Making & Injection Molding

Injection molding requires complex molds, often with moving parts to allow for the material to fill the cavities, but still be able to release the finished parts. We can help make sure that your molds are efficient and cost effective.

Manufacturing & Machining

Once the mold is built, the production run is where the rubber meets the road. Our team has decades of production run experience to make sure your finished parts meet your requirements. We can also do final machining or part assembly if the product requires it.

Markets We Cater To

Automotive & High Performance

Firearms & Sporting Goods

Aviation & Aerospace

Electronics & Consumer Goods

Hand & Power Tools

Plumbing Fixtures & Fire Safety

Laboratory & Medical

Cosmetics & Wellness

And More...

Featured Projects